KBCUSA - Karen Baptist Churches in the USA America, Christianity, Christian, Baptist, Karen Baptist, KBCUSA http://www.kbcusa.org Special announcement from the Rev. Livingstone Zan (In Karen) - KBCUSA - Karen Baptist Churches in the USA wIupDOtrkPvD:qDcDzsdo&O'dOvhbhpwdZO upI,G: tbsK;tzSdO tCd y0J KBCUSA o&Oorgu&U y r:oud;bO wItdOzSdO oud;'D; wI&hvdPrkPvdP ySJ:xDO (3)bsD wbsD zJ Logan Sport, Indiana Y ypH;bsK;bO o&O ueJchO'D; wI tdO zSdO.... http://www.kbcusa.org/news.php?name=2014110459 http://www.kbcusa.org/news.php?name=2014110459 Tue, 22 Jul 2014 23:21:13 GMT Upcoming Events Hosted by Member Churches - KBCUSA - Karen Baptist Churches in the USA Conference, meeting and training in 2014 1. Women's leadership Training on June 25-28, 2014 in Fort Wayne, IN will be hosted by Fort Wayne Baptist Church and Karen Baptist Church of Fort Wayne. 2. KBCUSA Christian Education Teachers Training on June.... http://www.kbcusa.org/news.php?name=2014020610 http://www.kbcusa.org/news.php?name=2014020610 Mon, 5 May 2014 14:07:44 GMT